Wolfe Dentistry

Converted a single tenant office building to a multi- tenant medical/dental space.  The improvements included a new lobby space, extension of the plumbing to the end of the building, new electrical service and gas service to the second tenant space.    In order to meet the 7 week turn around for the approval of the casework drawings and manufacturing and installation of the casework in 7 weeks, we ordered the materials prior to final design and staged the casework to a just in time manufacturing process.  In addition, we made weekly visits to the cabinet shop to verify the shop drawings and monitor the schedule completion to meet the client move in date.  We recognized this problem during the due diligence phase and brought attention to the problem.  While waiting for the permits for the interior work, we worked under a design build arrangement with the client and addressed the water issue by changing the grade, removing a few trees and changing the landscape to a rock garden and grass plants.  It has been two years, and the patients enjoy the view and the building foundation has remained dry.

Medical/Dental, Tenant Improvement

Hillsboro, OR


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