Green Trade Show Manufacturing

Greenspace Building

Greenspace is a privately held corporation that specializes in design, construction, assembly, disassembly, and warehousing of high end tradeshow exhibits specifically targeted to the outdoor sports industry. They specialize in recycled and repurposed items to be incorporated in their displays.

We went about locating property, a design team, financial assistance, and then we built the project while they were outgrowing their original space. The site was not filled properly so the project required Geo Piers to be placed under the building and a Wetlands fill permit through the US Army Corp of Engineers was required to complete the project in addition to flood plain alteration.

Greenspace is now outgrowing the new facility and have come back to us to add 60,000 SF of warehouse and office. We have added a second 60,000 sf of warehouse.


Greenspace Exhibits


Land Acquisition, Development, Construction


100,000 sf, 10.4 acres




Hillsboro, OR

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