Ben Wiley

Ben Wiley

With a background in commercial construction and structural engineering, Ben’s strength is working with architects, engineers and contractors to deliver quality projects. He treats each client as a lifelong relationship and has a hands-on approach to executing his leadership responsibilities. His experience as both an engineer and contractor gives Ben a unique perspective of the challenges each role faces. He applies this insight to every project and is adamant about creating a collaborative work environment.

Ben received his B.S. in civil engineering and is a certified professional engineer and credentialed LEED Advanced Professional. Ben joined Robert Evans Co. as Vice President in 2015 and became President in 2017. He has also worked at Mackenzie as a structural project engineer and with Hoffman Construction as a project lead.

Since childhood, Ben has been fascinated by engineering and how a building goes from the seed of an idea to a fully built structure that is integral to the community and economy. Facilitating that process for companies around the Pacific Northwest is a joy for Ben.

Ben’s friendly demeanor and naturally calm state, even under pressure, set the tone for his team. Moreover, his extensive knowledge, experience and penchant for open communication allow him to put clients and partners at ease and create mutual trust from the very beginning.

Outside the office, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife exploring the Pacific Northwest’s mountainous landscape on foot, skis, or by water.