Joan Condruk

June Condruk

A project manager for Robert Evans Company since December of 2017, June Condruk’s work ethic is recognized by her commitment to exceeding expectations every time. Exceedingly organized, June thrives in overcoming challenges on the job and prides herself on being an excellent multi-tasker. She likens her career as a project manager to an air traffic controller; while there may be many things going on at once, everything must get handled in both a safe and efficient manner.

Originally from Canada’s tomato capital, Leamington, ON, June moved to Vancouver, BC in 1980. It was in Vancouver that she attended college and obtained her certificate in landscape horticulture. June considers graduating from college in her thirties to be one of her proudest accomplishments, in addition to winning the Landscape Achievement award and
making the Dean’s List. Always in awe of the beauty in nature, June was also proud to be invited to sit on the Great Plant Picks’ committee, an educational outreach program for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden.

In 2005, June moved to Hawaii. It was there that she fell into the construction scene. Property development was booming in Hawaii, and companies were looking for hard workers willing to learn, regardless of experience. June got her start with two companies specializing in building custom luxury homes, costing anywhere from $8 million to $20 million. June and her husband have since lived in Hillsboro, Oregon, since 2010.

June wants her clients to know that her word can be both relied upon and trusted. “I don’t make promises I can’t keep,” she says, a statement she takes very seriously. In fact, this commitment to following through is one thing that June enjoys most about working with Robert Evans Company. Of her employer, she says, “They walk their talk.” She is deeply appreciative of the warm culture the company fosters, supporting their clients and employees alike. June’s personal tagline is, “I strive to see beauty and humor in all things.” Her positive and energetic outlook on her career and life is evident in the depth of her sincerity when working clients and collaborating with teammates.

When June isn’t on the job site overseeing an exciting new project, she often enjoys photography and photoshop. Or you may find her passing time in her garden or kitchen, perhaps even enjoying a glass of her favorite wine.