Roarke Van Brunt

Since 2017, Roarke Van Brunt has been a valuable member of the Robert Evans Company, demonstrating an exceeding ability to offer support to management and administrative staff. His adaptability has established himself as a valuable asset to the company. While initially joining the team as an assistant project manager, Roarke transitioned to a full-time project manager in the summer of 2020. His proven track record of keeping projects moving and prioritizing the clients’ needs is something that has helped our company culture of integrity and trust flourish.

With roots stretching from California to Oregon, Roarke graduated high school in Grants Pass, OR before moving to Portland in 2012, where he attended Portland Community College. He obtained his Associate of Science at PCC before transferring to Portland State University, where he continues his education. While he anticipated a career in construction even as a child, it was not until he joined the Robert Evans Company that his journey in the field really began.

Roarke has had some of his proudest accomplishments on the frontlines of the Robert Evans Company. He was integral to both the renovations on Frontier Vet Animal Hospital in Hillsboro and the development and construction of the world headquarters for Fiber Sensys, Inc., also in Hillsboro. These projects presented us with unique challenges, and Roarke was fundamental in producing innovative and exciting solutions for both. As someone who enjoys spending time with friends and family when off the clock, Roarke is grateful for the family-friendly environment fostered by Robert Evans Company. He attributes his time with the company to both his professional development and interpersonal improvement.

When asked about his experience with Robert Evans Company, he speaks highly of his coworkers and the management, earnestly concluding, “[Robert Evans Company] is simply the best job I have ever had.”